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"Alice in Shadowland" is now available to download! The concept was to create a mix using almost nothing but DJ Shadow songs and samples set to the movie "Alice in Wonderland" much in the same way that Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" compliments "The Wizard of Oz". Click below for the download links and a link to watch the snychronized audio/visual mix on Vimeo courtesy of Joost at :

Alice in Shadowland links


dj erb joins forces with acclaimed NYC rapper Skeetabugg. Nod your head to this :

Skeetabugg & dj erb - Retirement

Skeetabugg & dj erb - Keep On Runnin

Skeetabugg & dj erb - Big City Livin

Other original dj erb songs and productions :

dj erb - Rain or Shine

dj erb - Roses

dj erb - What Do You Think About


Seven Nation Sloopy (dj erb's Urban 2012 Mix)

PSY - Gangnam Style (dj erb's Buckeye Remix Feat. TBDBITL)

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Ft. Black Eyed Peas, McCoys, & TBDBITL)

Fergie - London Bridge (dj erb's Buckeye Mix)

Fergie - London Bridge (dj erb's Buckeye Mix Clean Version)

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (dj erb's Buckeye Mix Clean Version) TOP DOWNLOAD


Daft Punk - Get Lucky (dj erb Mix Feat. Bee Gees & Justice)


All other downloads are currently offline. Look for offsite downloading links to be added soon!